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Searchi, is one of the leading Local search, Classifieds, Job and Offer portal service provider

The world we live in is changing at a rapid pace and this change, In turn is creating a huge space for public needs for better technology solutions.

At Searchi, We understand that cutting edge solutions that define the future are not built by asking the usual questions. We don’t find them on the tried and tested path from our experience; we know that it takes imagination, perseverance, and courage to innovate. We believe in the power of creativity and we take a creative approach to address the needs of a better tomorrow. Our mission is to satisfy the users need.

Our rich domain expertise that spans across verticals and industries helps us gain sharper insight into customer needs. Our philosophy helps us with a fresh perspective. The result – relevant creative solution for customer’s complex needs.

4 services

  • Local search
  • Classifieds
  • Job
  • Offers

Through Different media’s

  • Mobile app
  • Online
  • Mobile web
  • Voice (call center )

Please feel free to get in touch, we value your feedback